Operation Kanshi is a 2D story-driven game set in the fictional country of Mihong in Southeast Asia. The year is November 1949 and the Kanshi Party just won the Mihong Civil War. Taomin Party members fled east to Mareu Island. Major hostilities between the two parties has ceased. 

At the heart of the game’s narrative are difficult choices and uncertainty in the aftermath of a civil war. Your assignment as an Intel Operative is to take encrypted orders from your commanding officer via radio transmission and wiretap phone lines for the Ministry of Order & Stability. Follow the case of Vera & Poppy Song as the sisters find themselves aligned with opposing political parties after the war.


Development on Operation Kanshi began in November 2018. The game exists as an exercise in designing a narrative about the Asian and Asian American diaspora, and acknowledges the legacy of generational trauma that persists in post-colonial Asia. While the developers each have their own creative perspectives, they shared a vision to make an experience based in a part of the world they don’t see commonly represented.


  • Developers: 

    • Emperatriz Ung - @mprtrzng - Based in Brooklyn, New York.

Emperatriz Ung is a Chinese-Colombian game designer, writer, & educator from the American Southwest. Her research & creative work predominantly explore themes of mental health & generational trauma.

Amanda Siswojo is an Indonesian game designer and illustrator. Her work focuses on creating art that expresses meaning and culture.

  • Initial release date: 2019

  • Platforms: (Win, Mac)

  • Game Engine: Unity




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Logo & Icon

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Awards & Recognition

  • PixelPop Festival - Official Selection, 2019

  • Game Devs of Color Expo - Official Selection, 2019


  • operationkanshi [at] gmail [dot] com 

Operation Kanshi Credits

  • Developers: Emperatriz Ung & Amanda Siswojo

  • Music: Marwan Ramen & Gamelan Sang Bagaskara

  • Voice Actors: Yuxin Gao, EXII, Dayoon Lee, Keyan Zhang, Choco Martin, Brazo de Mercedes Cabral, Palmmy Sivarapornsakul, Poe Sriwatanathamma

  • Programming Support: Corey Bertelsen, Christopher Chung, Gabe Cuzzillo, Tim Sun, Xiaoxun Yu


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