At FlowGarden we run workshops that empower underserved communities to make personal games games as a means of sharing, healing, self-reflection. We aim to further research to create resources for responsible representation of mental health in games.


Jingyu Sui

Jingyu Sui is a Chinese game developer with an education & philosophy background, graduating with her M.S. in Games for Learning from New York University. Aside from her research and training in designing learning games, Jingyu also creates digital and analog games that address personal experiences, as well as emotional interactions for players to share and heal. She advocates for the therapeutic potential of games, most recently at the largest conference in game industry (GDC 2019). She is interested in exploring social emotional skills, mental health, mortality and the meaning of life.


Emperatriz Ung

Emperatriz Ung is a Chinese-Colombian game designer & writer from the American Southwest. She looks to amplify underrepresented & marginalized voices in the game development industry and game studies community. Her creative work predominantly explores themes of mental health and generational trauma. Recently Emperatriz has spoken at the Games for Change Festival, Game Devs of Color Expo, GaymerX East, and PixelPop Festival.



Brianna Shuttleworth is a game designer, artist and marketer. Her personal work has been shown within galleries across the United States, and at game conferences around the world. She has also worked as a marketing specialist and consultant for the past five years aiming to help others get their work into peoples’ hands. Brianna’s most recently spoken at PixelPop Festival and Freeplay Festival about personal games, games as art and success.